Pharmacology Case Studies

  • ISBN: 9781935213680
  • PUB# 1935213687

Authored by Al Rundio, William J. Lorman
Authored with Lew Bennett, Kirsten McColligan, Ferne Cohen, Susan Kristiniak, Frank Manole, Patti Parker, Suzanne Willard

Pharmacology is an essential skill for every advanced practice nurse (APRN). But let's face some facts-while some APRNs just love every aspect of pharmacology, others find it difficult to digest.

Typical pharmacology resources provide facts like drug metabolism, clearance, side effects, and clinical trials. However, they often fail to contextualize the information in a useful way for nurses' everyday practice.

With this new publication, Pharmacology Case Studies, Al Rundio and William Lorman have brought together experts in a wide variety of specialties to present pharmacologic treatments in an easy-to-reference format.

This 171-page pharmacology case study tour de force will help you review and research:

  • An assortment of scenarios in a standardized case study format broken into eight sections (History, Physical Assessment, Diagnosis, Patient Goals, Treatment, Evaluation, Recommendations, and References).
  • A variety of cases that utilize both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapies.
  • Evidence-based pharmacology situations from heart failure and HIV to patients with alcohol or opiate dependence.
  • And more!

The reality is that every APRN has to embrace pharmacologic theories and concepts and understand medications well. With Pharmacology Case Studies, now you can easily improve your knowledge and understanding of pharmacology in a practical setting.

About this book:
Date: 12/2015
Pages: 184

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